Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red - Thursday Think Tank

Cheating for the second time this week! The prompt for Poets United: The Thursday Think Tank is red. I wrote this poem on May 29 of this year to describe how I felt when anger crept into my life. It belongs to a series of poems I wrote while experimenting with formless poetry inspired by an Anthropologie catalog.

               a blinding color
     a shawl enveloping,          choking
my every sense.
               poisoning my ears.
I walk and fall
                 over their clammy hands.


Lolamouse said...

I associate red with anger as well. It certainly can be blinding!

Ella said...

I agree it can blind one's view...
Interesting take, love the shawl part!

Kim Nelson said...

I am often amazed at the serendipity and synchronicity of inspiration and the muse. This is an ideal piece conveying anger's physical manifestations. Well done.
Kim Nelson

Morning said...

some divine lines, you did very well job on red.

Ravenblack said...

I think you've captured the hot and cold feelings that anger can generate. Most of the time, people think it's all heat, but yes, the feeling of coldness is also there. Shawl covers over like a storm cloud and then chokes. Effectively expressed in few words. :)

Anonymous said...

Anger does indeed choke the senses, very definitely a red word for me too. Nice, this - I liked the shape too.

Mikha said...

it's good to try new things, I'll try it sometime :3

Old Raven said...

One view of whomever "they" are, is that anger only hurts the person who is angry. I found that view interesting when told about it. Your writing is wonderful!