Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Songbird - Write on Wednesday

I'm not gonna lie. I cheated this week -_-. This was actually written for a school assignment in May (tenth to be exact). Time doesn't seem to be hanging around much this week so this will have to do. The song is Starry Night by Don McLean (I like it better when Josh Groban sings it).

    A gust of wind carrying the heady perfume of honeysuckle rustled the pages of his book. Don was momentarily disrupted from his careful observation of Starry Night. He blinked a few times to bring himself back to reality. Inside, he was filled with inexplicable sadness at the life of the genius ignored. As Don thought about the people he loved, he marveled at the fortitude of the artist. He was sure he would have caved in earlier had he been in van Gogh's place.
    Examining the painting once more, Don realized the swirling hues common in Vincent's work had a story to tell. With a surge of inspiration and the urge to return something to the painter, Don reached for the notebook and guitar that were always within reach. He let the colors wash over his soul before beginning his task.
    The words began to flow from his pen to the paper, each one coming alive to express the beauty of the paintings and painter alike. Don reached into his innermost being as he tried to recreate van Gogh's masterpieces in human language, ever careful to let each piece speak for itself. The flowers, the seasons, and the people no one ever bothered to look at twice must have been precious to the artist or he would never have taken the time to paint them. If they were important enough to catch Vincent's eye, then they must be important to the song as well.
    The final words were written and Don began to coax a tune from his guitar, letting the music come to him as he had done with the story. The melody came out as sweet and passionate as the lyrics and paintings. The sound of the final composition drifted from the balcony down to the people passing by. Vincent's message was not lost.

To read Vincent van Gogh's (or what I imagine it to be) point of view go here.


Lillie McFerrin said...

'The flowers, the seasons, and the people no one ever bothered to look at twice must have been precious to the artist or he would never have taken the time to paint them.' - I adore this line. I could envision the speaker seeing them as if for the first time. Beautiful piece of writing.

claire said...

That was beautiful! I loved the description, loved the idea that the painting made someone come to life, and I just love that painting! Great Job!

spring days, new growth said...

I love the swell of the music inspired by the painting. You have woven this together beautifully! kate

Janelle said...

I hope you got an A+ on your assignment!
I adored this. It's one of those pieces where not much is actually happening at all (no offence intended, just pointing out that it's simply a guy, studying a painting, and creating a piece of music) yet you can easily forget that by the way it's written, so full of description.
The story itself made me think about how us humans are lucky, we can find inspiration in things and turn that inspiration in to other things, and keep creating :)

Mikha said...

Awesome!! I love your work... I'm pretty sure you got an A+, wait! Somebody already posted that... don't care :) I really like your way of writting and I like even more that you have such a vast vocabulary and with you I get to practice my english even more :3