Saturday, July 28, 2012


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I thought my dreams had died
Sometime during the night
But when I awoke
I found them very much alive
Flying over me

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are two
Parts that I've
Yet to figure out

In which
You love me
And don't hold back

Another in
Which I am
Just a second choice

Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Birthday!

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    Today's the day! Paper Thoughts is celebrating one year of life! To be honest, I had forgotten about this very important milestone in a blogger's life until about three days ago, so I don't have anything special planned. I do want to take a moment though to say thank you to everyone that has made this year so much better than I ever thought it could or would be.
    First up is Gill Harrison from Ink Paper Pen. Gill was the very first person to visit my blog and leave a comment, and I won't ever forget how encouraging that was, especially since I was still being a Secret Squirrel (as Gill likes to call it) about my writing. I had never showed anyone my writing besides my sister, so putting it out there and receiving a comment from a writer like Gill was major. Also, thanks to her blog I was able to have my first experience with a supportive writing community, and met lots of cool cats who helped my blog grow. Thank you Gill!!!!
    Next is the lovely people who keep Poets United alive. I didn't feel like a poet when I first joined this amazing community, but all the support and words of encouragement certainly make me think I am! Thank you so much for hosting a place for us to share our poems, and for all the work that you put into the daily posts that help us in our writing!!!
    And where would I be without my readers? A special thanks to Abin, Grace/HeavenMikhaelMarySarah Mac who encouraged me in my early days, and last but not least Sherry. You all brighten my blogging days. Thanks a million for stopping by every week to read my work!!!
    This final thank you is for the two people outside the blogging world who had a hand in getting me to where I am today. A huge, huge thank you to my sister for making me learn how to write a proper five paragraph essay. Without that, I never would have made it into Mrs. Stanley's English 1 Advanced class. Before I go on to thank Mrs. Stanley, I also want to say thank you for the oodles of encouragement that only sisters know how to give! 
Ah, Mrs. Stanley. I remember the day I had to write a poem for her class, and consequently had to give my previous failure another go. If not for this assignment, I never would have pursued poetry. A huge thank you for always pushing me and believing that I could do better. Since then, English has been my favorite subject. I won't ever forget that class!
Thanks to everyone that has joined me on my writing journey! You all have made this year incredible!! Here is some delicious Batman (my hero!) birthday cake for you :D.