Saturday, May 12, 2012

image from weheartit

Let your love go free
That I may learn to grow
And don't cry for me when I've gone
Because someday I will return
To find our seeds
Have become beautiful flowers

Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Ah it's good to be home! Home, of course, being this little corner of the world where I have the privilege of sharing my work :). I've been busy with preparations for my graduation and working out the next step. I'm excited and nervous, but I suppose I'm not the only one.
    Besides being really busy, I caught some sort of infection that left me like this:
I'm in the recovery process but I'm not quite to the peachy stage. According to the doctor all I needed to cure my fever, headaches, and general discomfort was some sleep.
    I've missed writing poetry in all the mayhem and visiting everyone in the Poetry Pantry. I think of you every Sunday even if I'm not linking up! I have a couple of poems that managed to get written in all the shuffle so hopefully I'll join in this Sunday.