Monday, November 14, 2011

Dancing to Live

I haven't posted in a while because lately I feel as if I'm just writing to meet a prompt deadline. I'm not being inspired and I find myself scrambling to write. It's been a while since I've written a poem that I originally thought of and I've missed that, so without further delay here is one that I wrote on 11/11/11.

Dancing to Live
I dance to
The rhythm of the land
And the rhythm of the sea
For the life not lived
And the words unspoken
That they may never belong to me

I dance towards
Limitless skies
And limitless dreams
For voices unheard
And beauty unseen
That they may find a resting place in me


Raining Iguanas said...

#1. Thank you for stopping by Raining Iguanas
#2. I like this poem
#3. I live to dance
#4. Dancing for me is the intricate web of work, we time, home repair, writing, photographing anything that turns my head, reading, music, and more work.
#5. I think this visit just inspired another poem.
#6. Hey, thanks!

Mary said...

Beautiful poem! Raising my cup of morning coffee this morning to dancing toward limitless dreams!

Neinei said...

Like this poem since the first line.... Beautiful and such thoughtful poem... :)

Judy Roney said...

I love the freedom and great gift of this poem. Dancing to the rythm of the seas is especially calling.I love reading all the reasons to dance, "for life not lived, ..words unspoken." This is very touching.

Old Raven said...

Laura Maria, I am glad that you did this. I have often just jumped over a prompt and written what I wished. Like you if I am not inspired ... I will often not write. I chuckle for there are other reasons too ... such as I have closed my blog Crowsfete and started one at Wood Press, and just this moment figured out how to link. Ugh.

So what I am trying to say is I really do understand, but also appreciate your lack or writing. I also really enjoyed the poem, especially the sentiment at the end.

indiwriter said...

I love your poems. Just one request: could you please do something about the font? It's a bit difficult to read with the current one.

Anonymous said...

i am just in love with your blog. it is so inviting and your poetry is the cherry on top. i love this one specifically because of it's whimsy but also because it reminds me of myself. i wrote one similar titled "Let's Dream Again for a While"...

thank you for sharing in the pantry, im happy i found you! hugs!


Adura Ojo said...

I would echo your thoughts and say that's what dance is to me. In another life, I would be a professional dancer. Your love of dance is so well portrayed in your beautiful poem.

indiwriter said...

Font sizes rather than font type. A little bolder than what you have set currently might make a lot of difference. For example how the content appears on Poets United. It is easily readable.

Laura Maria said...

Alright I'll fix that ASAP! Thanks :)

Morning said...

heart warming.

Abin Chakraborty said...

lovely lines - the picture makes them all the more delightful.

Susie Clevenger said...

I dance toward limitless skies, dreams, voices unheard, beauty unseen that they may find their resting place in me....I love this...a positive look and life and how to live it!!

Anthony Desmond said...

Nice poem... wonderful imagery weaves a great pieces

Anonymous said...

there is a natural rhythm to everything and if we pay attention we can dance to it