Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Think Tank - The City

When we left Mexico City I was too young to remember much, so this poem is based on stories from my family and what I imagine it to be. Even if I tried I could not capture the grandeur of Mexico City in these lines, but I hope you got a small glimpse of the life there.

image courtesy of weheartit

Street sounds
such as cars honking and tires grinding
remind of yesterday
and the life we led in Mexico City
if I close my eyes
I can revisit my home in memory
The smell of sweet churros hangs in the air
while tourists and street vendors haggle
over the price of fresh fruit,
flowers, snacks, and handmade bright blue bowls
I can almost see the swirl of colorful clothing
and hear the rush of feet
existing in a city of 20 million

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Old Friends

image courtesy of weheartit

I found myself all alone
Before I pondered life
And found you came to mind on an endless wave

Laughter flows through my veins
As your voice fills those empty spaces
Laughter that never ceased
Even though the pain came in endless waves

Every detail of your face is here with me
As I write through the rain
That comes riding that endless wave