Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sit under a tree and write - Write on Wednesday

    She stood with her back to the world, wanting to see only her special tree. One hand rested over the carved initials, perhaps because she didn't want to see them or maybe because she wanted to hold them and feel that yesterday wasn't just a dream. Another pair of initials was carved above the ones she was either protecting or blocking out. The letters in the second pair had worn out over the years and were barely visible. Strange that over time, the second pair, which had been carved in first had moved to second place in her heart. Since the death of her father many years ago she hadn't brought anyone to her special tree. At least not until she met him and was foolish enough to let him carve a place in her heart.

So, I'm not exactly happy that this exercise turned out as the aftermath of a love story, but it's what came to me. Hope you enjoy it and I appreciate your honest feedback.


Sarah Mac said...

Well, honestly? I liked it L :)

I liked the idea that she wanted to block out the rest of the world by facing the tree.

I liked that she blocked out one set of initials (I kind of got the feeling that it was blocking rather than shielding).

And I wondered if the initials that were uncovered were perhaps her parents and she felt that the other initials didn't belong because the relationship had failed?

L said...

I knew something was off about that, thanks :).
They were her and her father's (the tree was their special place before he died), and she was covering the other set because she wished she could erase the fact that she let someone ruin her memory.

Katharina said...

she got left two times, but thetree ist always there. It is like a point to return to whatever happened.
Nice story and I ' m looking forward to your next posts.

InkPaperPen said...

Isn't it funny where the exercises take us? You mentioned that you weren't happy that this ended up as the aftermath of a love story but for some reason, that's right where your writing took you. There's lots you could continue with here, the "foolish" relationship and the one between her and her father. It seems you have a real background story figured out.

Lovely to have you playing along with WoW!

L said...

@ Katharina - I like the point you made about the tree being a place she could return to. It'll help me if I decide to continue adding to the story.
@ Gillian - Thanks for your encouragement! I will definitely think about continuing this piece. I enjoyed being pushed to write. Thanks for the prompts!

belamieandco said...

I liked it, you coudl really feel the emotion of the peice, and captured the essence of what the tree meant to her.