Friday, July 29, 2011


Silent noises         from my pen
              pierce the darkness,
though there is someone standing there
                                they do not hear me.
    I paint them now
                                      with words of gray -
           Steel eyes that have misjudged me,
                          ashen fingers taint my words,
most grievously of all
a cloudy heart destroys my treasures.
                                   I pass on
              and am forgotten

I realize this poem lacks structure, but remember that ties me down? I got the idea for the jumbled sentences from some nice pieces featured in an Anthropologie catalog. The subject of this poem is someone that was very discouraging to me in my writing.


kathas0trophal said...

i love unstructured poems, because I think thoughts are also at first. i like the poem very much. Not only how it looks,also the words and the meaning are great.
I hope you get what i want to say even though i am no native speaker.

kathas0trophal said...

i love the unstructured structure. and also the words and the topic of the poem are wonderful. I enjoyed reading it and i will remember it

L said...

Yes, thanks so much!