Thursday, August 11, 2011

Think with character - Write on Wednesday

    Danny stood before the laundry room debating. He longed to see the rabbit his father had rescued, but his small conscience reminded him of his mother's order not to enter the room she had secured the animal in.
    "Mother is busy baking a cake. She will never know." whispered a voice deep inside.
    But still, something that ran deeper suspended his chubby hand as he reached for the knob. His light brown hair fell in his eyes as the argument inside made him frown. Mother and father would be hurt. They always were at his disobedience. Still, the furry creature with the white tail and curious eyes waited on the other side.
    The lip biting came next. The process of making that terrible decision never reached the sweating stage however, as Danny's mother came around the corner in that moment and found him with his hand on the doorknob.

Ah! Three minutes too late to link this up. Of course I am devastated but I'll post this anyway. Felt a little silly writing about a child on the brink of naughtiness but that's what came this week.
Sorry I didn't get to comment on everyone's posts from last week. I know it's a lousy excuse but I've been busy with the start of the school year.


House of Prowse said...

Glad you had a go anyway.
I wonder if the rabbit is a fantasy, thriller or real one!

Adam said...

A very believable little boy. I wonder; if his mother hadn't appeared would he have gone in the room or would his conscience have won out?!

Melissa said...

Great piece :) I have 2 cheeky boys & this piece could be either of them!

InkPaperPen said...

First of all - I am so sorry you missed the linky. It was my mistake, I accidently set it to close at a different time. It is normally open until midnight (WA time) and I set it up wrong. Sorry! But I am glad to see that some WoWers still stopped by to comment on your piece.

I like the insight into the little boy's decision making process. Not silly at all! I am glad you did the piece despite missing the link. Hope to see you back for anotehr week of WoW this coming week!

Gill xo