Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The clock winked...Write on Wednesday

    Madison was tired of running. The city stretched before her endless and overcrowded. The rush of strange faces stifled her, but she couldn't take another step. Yet she knew she couldn't stop now. If she did she felt her soul would die, so she kept walking. Madison walked on and on without paying attention to her surroundings; her eyes refused to be blinded by the city lights. The pink flats she was wearing pinched her feet, but on she went until finally, she reached a wooded area.
    Pausing to breathe in the liberty she felt here, Madison closed her eyes and let herself go. Finally, here was a place where she could think. A place away from the constant buzz of the city life. Giant trees towered above her head putting the man-made skyscrapers she was accustomed to to shame. She wished she could stay here forever, and like an old friend doing her a favor, the clock winked.

Turmoil again! This prompt was a little harder to work with, so hopefully you all enjoy it and find it worth reading.


Jodie Ansted said...

I particularly love this"...and like an old friend doing her a favor, the clock winked." Fab!

Lene said...

Descriptive and lovely. Well done! Visiting thanks to WOW.

life without mathematics said...

I really like the clock taking the role of an old friend winking at the end. Nice touch!

InkPaperPen said...

I thought you did really well - and made interesting use of the prompt. Her dying soul and the old friend doing her a favour were my favorite bits. Lovely mood in this piece also. Thanks for joining in again. Great to see you back for another week of WoW


Kiersten said...

I liked the last line a lot: "like an old friend doing her a favor". Very night word choice :) visiting from WoW!
<3 Kiersten

Sif said...

I really liked this! It felt very surreal. Then tension that was released at the end of the piece was very effective?