Monday, July 25, 2011

My overdue introduction :)

    I realize this post is way overdue, and since I am in danger of using a cliche (better late than never), I will go ahead and simply excuse myself by saying that I have been busy with a project and have  therefore neglected to make myself known to my readers.
    Poetry is something that I started dabbling in when I was eight, but left off after a few failed attempts. It wasn't until my freshman year that an assignment from my English teacher (who by the way has been my greatest encouragement in the writing field outside of my family) prompted me to start once again. Since then I have looked for poetry wherever I could find it, and use it as my primary way to express myself.
    The subjects in my poetry are very personal and intricately connected to my life. I usually write after an event that stands out to me, listening to a good song, or reading a good book. Many people that I have interacted with have also made it into my poetry.
    Of course, poetry is not all I write. I love writing essays, starting and never finishing short stories, and journaling. I am very loose in my structure, and at times come off as being grammatically (or poetically) incorrect. I feel that structure ties me down and doesn't let me freely express myself. Also, I only write formally when writing a paper for school.
    My time is up and I must now finish my mundane household tasks. Until next time, which will hopefully include something other than information about my writing, keep inspiring yourself to reach greater heights in whatever it is you are interested in.

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