Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Thursday Think Tank - Books

Today's prompt for the Thursday Think Tank is books. My favorite is The Kite Runner, so I read it every other month or so. Here is my poem inspired by the book. To read the other entries or to join in go here.

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For you a thousand times over
Even if I have to cross the sea
Or brave the desert
I'll come find the little
Pieces of you
Left over from
Our childhood

Here is the synopsis taken from Khaled Hosseini's website:
   Taking us from Afghanistan in the final days of the monarchy to the present, The Kite Runner is the unforgettable, beautifully told story of the friendship between two boys growing up in Kabul. Raised in the same household and sharing the same wet nurse, Amir and Hassan nonetheless grow up in different worlds: Amir is the son of a prominent and wealthy man, while Hassan, the son of Amir's father's servant, is a Hazara, member of a shunned ethnic minority. Their intertwined lives, and their fates, reflect the eventual tragedy of the world around them. When the Soviets invade and Amir and his father flee the country for a new life in California, Amir thinks that he has escaped his past. And yet he cannot leave the memory of Hassan behind him.

   The Kite Runner is a novel about friendship, betrayal, and the price of loyalty. It is about the bonds between fathers and sons, and the power of their lies. Written against a history that has not been told in fiction before, The Kite Runner describes the rich culture and beauty of a land in the process of being destroyed. But with the devastation, Khaled Hosseini also gives us hope: through the novel's faith in the power of reading and storytelling, and in the possibilities he shows for redemption.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Laura Maria,

You have whetted my appetite to learn more about the story Within The Kite Runner. It has the feel of a book which would be difficult to leave unread for too long.
You poetic words describe the relationship between the two boys very well.
I am still thinking of which book to choose:)

aprille said...

Like you, I read and reread the same books again and again. Proof how good they are, don't you think?
Your own lines are lovely and seem to be a crystalized synopsis of the story that captivates you so.

Dana Leah said...

this is really sweet. i have always wanted to read The Kite Runner, i think i shall. it sounds like an amazing read. x

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE this book - and the movie - and the author's second book A Thousand Splendid Suns. He writes with such heart.

Mary said...

I read The Kite Runner too, but only once. Not many books I would consider reading a second time. LOL. I enjoyed your poem.

Vaishali Jain said...

I have heard a lot about The Kite Runner but haven't read it yet. Your choice makes me want to, though.

Your poem was a lovely read. Who said we needed more than 100 words to write a summary of a book. You described it in a way that instigates me to go get the book. Thanks for the share! :)

Sharp Little Pencil said...

I read The Kite Runner years ago. I knew it would be moving from the first page, and I gave up doing everything to read it completely in two days. (An advantage of manic depression!) The simplicity of this poem is not only touching but in keeping with the way of life of one of the boys. You really captured the spirit of it! Peace, Amy

Green Speck said...

The Kite Runner is my favorite book too ... and you have summarized it so well :-)

rch said...

Wow sounds very intense, another one I'll have to check out, thanks Ella, I'll never read them all - lol. Great poem Laura about the bonds of friendship, it stands on its own even without the synopsis, great work!

SaraV said...

This was an incredible book, however the child abuse was so graphically depicted, the images still flash through my brain and make me nauseous. Guess I'm too sensitive. :-)

Ella said...

This was beautiful and now I so want to read it~ Thank you for sharing... I will have to pick this up :D
I am so glad you shared this remarkable book~